Having Fun Getting Dressed

Lately I have been dressing a lot more girly..I think it has a lot to do with my bald head It makes me feel very butchy or boyish so I try to put on something that is feminine or just a clip in my hair to make me feel a touch girly..I want my hair to grow out but I like it short too so i'm at a loss at which one I really want. But I totally want to make my hair like the girl in Die Antwoord..it's amazing!!! I should have kept shaving only my sides and it might be halfway there by now..too late now since I shaved it butI'm keeping the top and will continue shaving the sides to get that mullet-like look =) she looks awesome with her back hair tied up in a ponytail =)

die antwoord pics from their facebook site

shirt- marc by marc jacobs, shorts- siwy, shoes - minnetonka


Esther said…
cute outfits! :) love it :) XXX

I love this blog. Entertaining, Educating and Engrossing. Keep up the good work!
The Septic Tank Man
BrittanyAmanda said…
hey I really enjoy your blog, it's very creative and interesting :)
check mine out, maybe we could follow eachother?

Addison Rowe said…
I love your last outfit! I really like the idea of boyish hair contrasting feminine clothes, I have really girlie hair (long and wavy) but it gives me an excuse to wear boyish stuff. My blog is just a fledgling right now, but check it out in a few weeks :)
Bella said…
Great photo's, great clothes! Drop by my blog www.thatscoolbeans.blogspot.com if you can. Thanks
thank you! and addison i love your blog!! it's not a lot right now but it has a great feeling to it =) xoxo
asd said…
lol, looks new, sexy and awesome =]

Anonymous said…
Great photos! :;)

Ciao Ciao from Rome

missnonhuman said…
the hairstyle is AMAZING! it definitely spices up the feminine outfits. I love it :)

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