No Stand Mixer Ciabatta Bread

So I wanted to make bread for a while just haven't gotten around to it. I think I miss being at the bakery but I can't go back..not for a long time..the labor work is tough on the body and after the car accident, I don't know if my back will be happy with the heavy labor work at the bakery..

Anyway, I decided to make ciabatta bread so I can make sandwiches..only problem, they came out so yummy we have been ripping off pieces and eating them plain!!!!!! It was easy to make and I used my hands since I didn't have a stand mixer..and it came out yummy and chewy and just AWESOME!!


Allie said…
Good to see your kitchen back on the blog ;)
Anonymous said…
love your blog. yum+awesomeness rolled into a ciabatta...made with love. please keep blogging. this is some good stuff. aya
Unknown said…
Seu Blog esta de parabens.

Siga o meu:
love ur blog. it totally inspires me :)

ellen ross
ask away advice & fashion blog
Tink's Stuff said…
awesome i must make these
sunnywave said…
yummy!!! i just tried it!!! not sure if it turned out as good as yours...mine was a little more dense, but having home made bread... :-) btw, i posted about it and put a link to this post, hope that's okay??? xoxox miss you!!!
Ella said…
very nice looking ciabatta bread - I used to make it but then I got lazy - you've inspired me to try again

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