Bread Bread Bread

I have been making a lot of bread lately and I think I've perfected the ciabatta bread! The last time I made it is became super soft and even the second day it was so soft I was so happy!

I have tried the honey whole wheat bread but I've made it twice now with different recipes and both times, I think it needed to be off to the kitchen it goes..because I am not happy with the finished product!

We did make pizza the other was nice to try my own crust. It came out really yummy and I am now on the quest to find a recipe that will make a thinner crispier crust. This one came out slightly chewy even though I rolled it out thin. But it tasted yummy..I just wanted a crispier one. Z helped me make the pizza and roll out the dough. It was so cute.

I wanted to thank weelicious for me winning the BIALETTI Aeternum pan!! I threw out all my non-stick pans because of how unsafe/unhealthy they can be and mine were all scratched up. I am so happy and excited to use this pan that is safer! It came in the mail and I was so excited I have never won anything so it was like christmas!!!! And getting cooking things is what makes me extra psyched!!!

thank you again!!!!!!

my boys...they are amazing..i wish they wouldn't grow so fast


You and your bread! Remember we used to just buy a long loaf from Autie Pastos and grind the whole thing!?

All our breads look delicious! Otsukare!
Are you at Pualii? Thats where I grew up! I miss that park!
i STILL love the pastos bread..if i could just go there to order bread and butter i would!! hahaha i doubt they'd be happy

and yes that's where we are!!!!!!! we live a few houses down from jessel! LOL

come visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alui H said…
All your food looks sooooo good! I made a coconut cream pie last night with meringue that turned out to be more of a gooey gravy with egg whites on top. Not my finest hour. You should do a cooking segment via video! Also, I'd like to request that you post some outfits on here, think: farmers market/ gardener chic? yeah? no? I need some inspiration. <3
Ok! I gotta send you my new number.
jenny foster said…
loooove these pics! and the boys are so big, it's crazy how fast it's going by!
Fash Boulevard said…
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Anna Ambrose said…
This post reminds me of how my dad and I used to make French bread every Saturday. Nothing at the store can beat homemade bread. :)

Bridget said…
Mmmm, all I can think about is pizza now...

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