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I have suffered from some crazy sinus infection or eye infection for a month or more..the doctor finally gave me antibiotics..she thought I had a bad allergy but it really was eyes were swollen like I got punched in the face and would bee stuck shut from the gunk every morning. I had styes in both eyes and the last one had three in one eyelid. It was awful and I am finally getting better. My eyes are not so swollen but my sinuses are still a mess..I feel like it kicked the bacteria out of my eyes and into my chest..coughing for days and mucus is horrible and I STILL CANNOT BREATHE OR TASTE things!
not even close to how bad my eyes WERE..this is after I started the antibiotics..

Beach beach beach. The kids would be happy to play in water on the lanai for all they care..but getting them out of the house is key and they have the best time at the beach. Only on these days do I actually realize how lucky we are much as it's hard to survive with the high cost of living and low pay, it's beautiful and while we are here we might as well enjoy the beauty.

I made brown spanish rice with fat-free re-fried beans for dinner the other night..and "ground" tofu to add to it. Was trying to find something to make for dinner with what I had in the kitchen and not leave my house. It came out pretty yummy..=)

Last night was Fresh Market at Fresh Cafe. It was really fun..the kids had a blast and of course they had many aunties and uncles to keep them happy. Z ate more than I ever seen him eat and he was so hungry he was angry waiting for his grass-fed angus burger that took forever..but it was worth the wait. He seriously waited in the front waiting for his burger to be cooked..poor guy! There was an amazing eggs benedict with asparagus..OMG yummm and I am not much of an egg person either!

Aloha for Japan is still going strong. Many local banks and companies are jumping on to help support the campaign. So proud of friends are doing!!!!


Awwww! Your eye isn't that bad! Glad you are feeling better! Hope we can chat soon!
Bridget said…
I'm so glad you are finally getting some relief for your eyes. I hope it keeps getting better quickly! It's sounds like it must have been just miserable. That picture of the beach is so pretty, and the one with your son waiting for his food is so cute. Little boys are the best!
looks delicious:)
be happy and take care
Unknown said…
yeah it looks yammie:)

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