Beach for Days

Summer vacation may be over but the beach days aren't. Z loves the beach so much we go all day on the weekends and sometimes in the late afternoons...makes me really wish we lived a block away from the beach so we wouldn't have to drive and could just walk there. My two little fishes are sooo hilarious and sandy...I think they have permanent sand in their hair...I find it everywhere even after a week hahahaha

So much for cooking...I still am in this awful funk and I don't know what to do so no pics of food AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN UGHHHHHHHHHHHH

but one thing about the summer vacation ending, I get part of my sanity back since Z starts Kindergarten and I don't have the headache of the two boys all day long hahahha I love them but all morning and night I get noooooo time to myself!!! I need sleeeeepppp

this is what my daddy does to me in the mornings hahaha


sunnywave said…
*hug* i miss you and the boys!!!! need you much easier said than done. love!
Dainté said…
great blog:)
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