Time Flies

Time sure does pass quickly as we get older. I remember when I was a kid, weekdays would not go fast enough and weekends would just be too short. Now everyday seems to blend into the next and I have a hard time remembering what last week was like or what the day is. Before I know it, half of October is done, the year is almost over and I feel like it was just the start of 2011! OMG..

The last month has been hectic. Things have gone from bad to worse to better to not better too many ups and downs I can't keep track. I found a blog that really touched strings reminding me that all marriages have a lot of work and the disconnect is not just in my own household. Things CAN be fixed if we can figure things out..there is hope hahaha..thank you Anisa of 10yearsin. For those of you who may be faint at heart, maybe you shouldn't read the blog..it is a blog that has some graphically written sexual acts but the stories about her life is very relate-able to those who want comfort in knowing you aren't the only ones who go through the same things.

Moving on, we just got back from San Francisco visiting my mother-in-law. It was a great trip and much needed. I had forgotten how much I love SF. It brought back all the memories of being 18 and almost moving there. The weather is made for me. I don't know why I live here where its humid and hot. I hope someday we can move there. It's an awesome place and we are so glad hub's mom lives there so we have more reason to visit often. It was really nice to see my favorite lady and her little family. I have very few girl friends who I can really pick up where we left off after so much time has passed..she's one of them. Her little baby is such a cutie!!!

R loves the airplanes..luckily we were there for Fleet week so we got to see blue angels practicing on the pier.

Anyway, we have been doing a lot of beach days, soccer, art, school, football and have been busy but I will do my best to keep posting more often.

Beach days passed out on the way home



Bridget said…
Omygosh! Could your boys get any cuter??!! Your family is adorable! It looks like you had an awesome time in SF!
And I agree, making any marriage work takes work, and from both sides. Almost 3 years ago we had a realllllly rough time, but we worked through it and it's true what they say, you have to have the bad times to really appreciate the good.
Anisa said…
Making our marriage work has been the hardest and BEST job I've ever had. It's so worth it.

Thanks for the link! Your kids are super cute!
Anonymous said…
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