Has it been that long?

Oh boy. I hadn't realized I havent posted in months!  Been so preoccupied with the present I forgot about the computer. I've been really separating myself from time wasting as much as I can but I can't seem to get completely away. At least I am not wasting hours of my awake time sitting at my computer anymore.

Life has been chaotic and awesome and miserable all in one jumbled mess but I think that's how everything is. Trying to let go of the not perfect things and accept that is difficult.

Hiking. Yoga. Jogging. Getting in shape. Anything active. I've become obsessed. And yet my old age keeps me from losing any weight. It's killing me. My favorite sports radio guy Colin cowherd said that at his age now (45) he needs to workout twice as much just to maintain his weight. Compared to his 30s. Which makes me feel like my 30s is the same. Ughhhhhhh I'm annoyed but still proud that I started the first day of the year off walking 2 miles and set a goal I would keep up exercising and haven't fallen off. It's actually complete opposite and I am happy about that. Just win I could see results. Hahaha

Off topic but a year ago I got lashes and loved them but have OCD and totally would rip them out. Stopped. Then a friend started doing it so I got them done and this time I didn't rip them out but I always wipe y face when working out and I wipe it rough and same after a shower. So thy all keep falling out and some rip out from the towel. As much as I love them I don't know if I'm meant to have them or I need to learn to be more gentle and girly with my face hit I am not. Anyone else have this issue? My OCD doesn't help.

I'm in need of healthy veggie ideas as well! Trying to add a lot more variety of veggies and no clue about them. Send them my way if you have any. Yay!!

And to those I've done care pkg swaps with, let's start again!!!


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