Lots of Things Moving Forward

This new years started off with more telling myself that I will keep on moving and progressing in growing as a person and adult..In my adulthood I've had a lot of growing up to do and as tough as things can get it DOES help me learn to be me and be strong. I have slowly stopped letting everyone and everything else hold me back from being me and actually standing up for myself and saying "Screw that, I am going to do this whether you're with me or not" and it's helped me really gain some of my own "self" back which I have really lost the last decade or so.

Still dealing with many health and lower stomach issues..which when I look back I think I have anxiety but I also don't think the doctors had really solved the issues and now seeing the naturopath, he seems to actually be on a road to recovery..let's hope so. My stomach for year I have suffered with it being bloated and sore and had no idea why..nothing showed up that I had anything wrong..and for over a year I have seriously ate healthy and worked out like a madwoman and couldnt see a change in weight/size and actually kept getting bigger..no grains, gluten, wheat, dairy and still nothing..In comes the naturopath and listened to my issues and said I may have hypothyroid even if it shows normal in my bloodwork...so lets see if this herbal way will help. He also said my gallbladder was not working right which is why I had these weird oily poop (TMI!) so I started less than 5 days ago and so far seems like I see a slight change in my giant bloated stomach but I also have the wrost strep throat right now and can't see if I am getting better yet. Can't wait til I am not sick and in bed to see if things are getting back to normal..

here is a pic of my stomach in the morning without even eating!

Been feeling really lazy lately and not cooking so many fun things probably because I cannot eat most of them with all my limitation. But I do still cook some foods that I cannot eat just because. Especially when the kids want something like pancakes and they don't feel good. How can I not make them something.

some of the amazing sunrises this year
I'm going to get back into the cooking soon..and this year has been set for a lot of changes and new things and MORE hardcore excursions..I can't wait. Thanks to a few really good friends who have been supporting me with the outdoor excursions, it's been really fun to just get out there and be with people who can push you to keep going longer, faster, harder. 2013 here we come!
my good friend and outdoor partner
dinner for the family
some dinners..lucky i love broccoli
little love had hand foot and mouth it was awful
morning trails
little man's 3rd birthday and big brother

some really awesome people. we did it!!!!
can't say no to making kids pancakes from scratch when they are sick


Allie said…
You can believe me, or believe me not, but you're an awesome person! <3

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