My Only Escape

Running, hiking, and anything that will help heal my head have been the only thing I can turn to when I need it most.  It is hard to get moving when pretty much everyone you know doesn't like to be active or say they like to but don't actually follow through.  MY good friend who I used to hike with on the weekends hurt her knees months ago on a run and I haven't ran or hiked with her in a long time.  I kept up the runs and increase with time and speed slowly..I find I run best alone with my head, music, pain.  But hiking is another story.  I like hiking alone if I know it but I won't try new ones alone because I don't know the trail and would hate to get lost or something happen and I am alone.  I like to try it once with someone who has done it first then I will go alone on the next time.  Saturday, I got the courage to FINALLY join a group I knew about who hike almost every weekend.  It was months since I looked them up and finally decided to get up the nerve and just show up.  It was a trail I really wanted to go try so I can start running it on my own time.  Perfect timing.  I have to say it was really a great experience and it was so nice to meet some awesome people young and old.  Everyone had a different story or issue they were dealing with on their own and it feels good to be surrounded by people who can share the common love of exploring and getting healthy.  Next time I'm definitely going with the intermediate half and doing the 6 hour hike.  I hope I can keep joining at least once a month so I can try new places for my future runs.  I need to stop pounding pavement and running trails more often..these would help me find new places to explore. =)


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