Beach life

Plans with kids never go as planned. Woke up early to pick up a friend and go get us a plot at the community garden. Then planned a hike. Little did we know it was going to take two hours, scorching hot weather before we could get a spot. Kids were losing it and I was too. But, we got the spot, key in hand, and lots of plans. Hiking was out of the question after making two little kids wait for two hours so we decided on beach day!  We had planned to go to turtle bay since we wanted to try a mellow spot for the kids to snorkel but on our way there we got hit with the craziest traffic and had to turn around. Drove the other direction to head to baby maks and what was supposed to be a 30 minute drive to the beach ended up an hour!! By the time we got there the kids were going crazy but they were happy. It was a nice day to just sit back and let my body recharge from the week. Let it rest and let my achilles and shins heal. Definitely need to find more time to be around good people who will improve the quality of life and make you realize that you need to respect yourself and do something for you sometimes. =)


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