Love My Kids

I love love love my kids. As much as I feel like I go crazy and feel angry and grumpy, I find so much happiness in them. Everytime I look at them I tear up thinking how sad I'm going to be when they don't want to be near me anymore or hold my hand and hug me. I wish I could keep them this small forever and I could just hold them all day. This past month has been trying but it also left me with some clarity that I needed so badly and with that came this giant relief that I could actually stop being so grumpy towards my kids and have more patience to handle the crazy they bring. I do hope this Patience will stick around long so I can continue this awesome pattern we have going. My kids have been amaingly awesome. This year has brought so many changes to their routine and me actually being serious about getting them on the right path to become good humans in the future. Z has grown so much since then. I can't believe it when I see him do things on his own everyday that just six months ago he wouldn't even brush his teeth t the sink or argue with me about it. Now he's just there doing it without me asking most of the time. I can rest knowing that he can do this on his own if I weren't there for some reason.  We've settled into a nice routine of homework, washing hands, brushing teeth, eating more healthy(try), limiting iPads, being outdoors and showering.  I'm one proud mama these days. Shows how much kids can learn quickly if you just put the time in to mold them.  

Been very very thankful for some good friends who have been living their lives all these years but have always been there in the background even when years had passed and we hasn't talked. I totally needed the support and advice and strength these few weeks and I don't know if I could have been sane without them. 

The light in town was gorgeous:

R enjoying the Friday night fireworks in Waikiki. Pure happiness 😍
My daily breakfast the last few months =)


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