Out of Commision

Both feet are in pain but I am hoping they are just tendons that need to heal and strengthen so next time I won't have this same pain again. Sort of like my shins. They were weak from never being a runner and suddenly adding miles in this year I began running. After resting it for two months, they seem stronger and no longer give me pain (crossing fingers I am not going to have a repeat ever!). My feet better heal fast. These forced rest days are killing me. I miss my morning runs with the girls and I need to keep on running to maintain my training.

Otherwise, this weekends half marathon at disneyland was awesome. As painful as it was to run with a hurt foot the whole time, I had fun and learned to fight the pain. I had hoped to cut my time by 15 minutes but I only shaved off 2 which is better than nothing but still disappointed. Gonna make the next one better and healthier =)

My favorite post run fuel and favorite flavor! Picky bars love!


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