Learning 1, 2 and 3

Things I've learned since I moved:

1. How to save money on coffee
I used to spend money on a double shot espresso at Starbucks almost everyday back home because it was in my backyard and I had a few friends who worked there. I'd get free coffee a bunch but I also would buy coffee too. I thought that cycle would never end because they knew just how to make my coffee perfect. Thankful for the move, all the Sbux I tried here cannot replicate my coffee so I haven't bought it while here. If I do buy one, it's maybe once every two-three weeks! What a savings!  I used to always use the bialetti and illy coffee then got addicted to Sbux and couldn't go back. But now I'm back to my illy and realized I was not making it correctly so now it makes the perfect double shot mix for me and I no longer need to buy my coffee elsewhere!! There are good things to moving away from home =) (and for added pleasure, all my favorite ladies have moved on from my spot so even if I stayed in Hawaii it wouldn't have been the same!)

My favorite combo back in my life after a hiatus! 

2. Because of my painful heel and feet, I am forced to NOT run. But I am learning to find other outlets for getting my workouts and training. Friends have advised me of different cross training things I should do but I never did any. Now that I am forced to rest my feet, I am slowly getting the courage to try the things I never tried. I was always afraid to swim because I am weak and didn't want to go to the pool and swim one lap and leave because I was tired. But some advice from a far away acquaintance, who is training for his ironman, got me in the pool for the first time today. I was sick of not being able to run and so I got myself a speedo one piece and goggles and made myself go to the public lap pool. It was a nerve racking experience for me because I don't do well with new things especially going alone into the unknown territory, and I had to force myself to go and ask questions and find out where I am allowed to swim. Surprisingly, it wasn't as scary as I thought, no one cares that I suck at swimming, and no one is watching so I had no reason to be self conscious of being a in swimsuit without a shirt covering me. If anyone knows me, skinny or fat, I have always worn a tshirt in the pool or at the beach because I'm so self conscious but clothing in the pool other than swimsuits is not allowed so I was afraid but it was not as bad as I thought!  First for everything and definitely a first for me being in a speedo and goggles since I was a little kid!!  What a great workout it was and my body is tired in ways I never got from running and DVD workouts so I'm quite happy. I think throwing a few swim laps days in my week is going to be my new happiness. Sad to say I only swam 22 times back and forth in a 25yard lap but gotta start somewhere! I wanted to stop at 10 minutes of swimming but saw the youth swim team kicking ass and it totally pushed me to swim for 30 minutes. I'm humbled by these kids who are amazing swimmers and swam for over an hour! 

Let the foot therapy begin!

Got home in time for the sunset =)

3.  Learned to stop letting people continuously mess with my mental state. I am slowly learning that I am in charge or my life and I need to stop letting everyone else's feelings come first. Yes, I still feel bad and feel like I need to do things for everyone and be there for everyone but if its not good for my own health, makes my anxiety skyrocket so bad I have to throw up, then it isn't helping me and I need to stop and put my mental health first. Its a work in progress that will probably take another 30 years to fully change but any step is a step to recovery =) 

if there's cold shimmering sand in the middle of the canyon, anything is possible!!


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