Little Explorers

Today started off with the usual reprimanding of at least one kid before we could even step foot out of the door! But that's when things started to get better. We drove to the canyon and what a surprise!  There was free entry today!
Then a Proud-mama-moment: 4 year old and 7 year old explored a "new to us" trail for two miles and no complaint!  That's a first.
It was scorching hot and from what I hear, not normal weather for February but it was nice, sunny and just perfect for being outdoors. My oldest could probably have gone another mile or two without complaint but I couldn't make the little one go much more especially at high noon in full sun on only jamba for breakfast (for them).What was so nice was that we did it together and had something to share and be proud of the accomplishments. My feet were sore but its really hard to stay off them!  Continuing the quest to stay active with the kids and keep them exploring. 2014 is going by so quickly and I don't want to miss anything.
Photo credit : Z

On a side note, I've never really been much for super crazy workout stuff but ummm I've never wanted a watch so badly. What's wrong with me!! Who wants to spend $400 on a gps watch?  Sounds absolutely nuts and I don't even wear watches except when I run. Craziness. But I def need slmethjng to use once I start swimming and my old garmin isn't made to be in the pool. =(
Any ideas if this Garmin 910xt watch lives up to its price tag??  I feel like my closet has been outnumbered by running clothes and post run gear. What's happening to my wardrobe!!!!


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