Outside sunshine

Today was warm enough for shorts so we decided to head out to the canyon and get some exploring done. Not much I can do with two little kids but it was nice to take a leisure stroll on a trail and enjoy being outdoors. I really need to make more effort to slowly get the kids going further or faster and find the love for nature that we all tend to forget about these days. It makes me happy when they decide its fun and they are willing to try a new trail this coming weekend. My heart sings just a little when I hear that. Its so much nicer to know that they want to come along rather than me dragging them outside. I don't get to accomplish distance when I bring them along but it gives me time to appreciate the little things and spend time with my kids outside of the house. I hope we never lose these moments because in the end its not about what you buy them that they will remember. It's the memories we've made and the things we've shared that will stay with them forever.  Someday I hope they can look back and say, "I remember mom used to take us hiking, exploring, running and taught us to stretch our muscles and be strong." They may not understand much about it now but I feel like if I show them all the good values now, they will remember them even if they never got interested in it. I have the worst memory of my childhood but the few things I do remember, were thinggs we did together and how much my mom did for us as kids. 


Photo by Z

Z noticed the bright colors in the rocks


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