Rest Rest Rest

Forced rest days suck. I realize I need to listen to my body when it tells me there is pain that I need to STOP and heal completely. Its hard for me when I really want to go go go and I can't. My feet have been hurting and aching and hasn't gone away. It's not nearly as bad as it was when I initially hurt them beginning of January but it has a full ache and not sure what to do. All signs point to some muscle / tendon but I think I have to stay off it, find good shoes or sandals to wear daily (instead of slippers) when I'm running errands and stop running completely. Its hard when I want to run and train to run faster and longer. I feel like I'm stepping backwards way too many steps and it will take so much longer to get back to where I had been. I guess me being a new runner means more injuries in the beginning.

For those who don't know me, I've never been athletic. I could never run even a quarter mile all my life!  I used to always say I wish I could run but I could never. No matter how many times I tried to get started I just couldn't get passed the breathing and lack of endurance. Two years ago, I decided to get fit and healthy because no doctors could figure out why I was so tired, gaining weight, and sooooo bloated that I looked pregnant when I hardly ate.  It was frustrating not knowing how to get better when I know myself and my body. I knew I wasn't normally this chubby and unhealthy, so I  started walking everyday attempting to jog. I started slow and thought getting to two miles walking / jogging was hard work and I maintained that for a year not pushing myself thinking doing three miles was long. Randomly, I signed up for a 8mile race with some friends and I realized I could do the longer distance. As hard as it was for me, it was possible. That was February 2013 at the Great Aloha Run (this was me last year 15 lbs agowith a mystery stomach issue). 
Since then, I started pushing myself to run more than a few minutes before walking a few minutes. And then going for a mile more than before. Soon enough, 5 miles became my short runs and 8 -10 became my long runs. Granted, I still walk a few minutes in between but I started running more of it and walking less. Adding miles. That's when my shins started hurting. Me not listening, I ran through it and it got worse which put me out a few months. Then I got fit for shoes at the running store but they had me run in stability shoes when I don't think I  should have because I seem to excessively supinate. So those shoes were forcing me to supinate even more! But I didn't know any of this. So I was running for months in shoes that were wrong for me. Now I'm here a year later, with feet pain and no idea what it is. No insurance right now so I need to just rest and let it heal on its own and doesn't get worse. How much I'd like to lace up my shoes and run even a few miles!! Everynight I run searches on my pain, I feel like this Video about foot pain sounds a lot like what I am going through. Wished my body would quit failing me and let me get back to what I want to do! My running friend said once it heals, my tendons will be stronger and I will be fine. I hope he's right!! I'm sure my body is weak everywhere and just needs to strengthen. 

Here are where my feet hurt the most: 
Excuse the ugly feet! 

So now I want to find someone to teach me to ride a bike with gears since I have never ridden anyhing other than a beach cruiser and I'm off to find a one piece swimsuit and some goggles. See if I can find a cheap rec center to start swimming to keep me training somehow. I've never been a strong swimmer and so this might be a great sign to start learning to swim better and get stronger in a different way. I wonder if I can even swim 1 lap in a pool! Oh boy. 


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