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You're forewarned that this post will contain overload of my boys are hahaha

I have realized how important some friends have been in this transition of life. People have always said you don't count the friends who are there when things are great but the ones who are standing by you when things aren't great. I've never been one to ask for favors and when I do I feel terrible asking but I've had to ask a few friends for something's back home and it's been making me feel bad to rely on others for help but it also showed me how awesome they are and how much they don't seem to care to take time out to do it for me. For that I am forever grateful. 

He's quite stoked that aunty Tams sent him some of his favorite jam completely unhealthy full of sugar but delish

We've been trying our best to do something outdoors at least once during the weekend. We took a break from our normal Red Rock Canyon routine because there was a storm that passed last week and I heard there was snow and I wanted them to have their (possibly) last fun in snow til next winter. After much fighting about one wanting to go red rock and the other wanting to see snow, we went to Mount Charleston in search of it. The weather was not like all the other times we went. The entire mountain was white which we had not seen all the past times we went. My kids were like "its white!!! Snow!!"  

I hope to be able to run with this view someday. If my damned feet would heal I would love to lace up and run! 

And it was definitely snow! There was a heavy fog that rolled in as we went up the mountain and we stopped at a different spot because it was hard to see. What was awesome was the fresh snow we found. We had never been there when the snow was fresh and soft. It was so much fun and we made a snowman for the first time in our lives. As much as I miss the green mountains and blue ocean back home in Hawaii, I am a little excited to be able to find and explore winter and snow that I've never had the opportunity to experience my whole life!  This is definitely a new chapter we need to look forward to. Can't wait til next winter and take snowboarding lessons! 

Never without my picky bars!


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