Life is too Short

Today I had an emergency meeting with no clue what it was about only to find out a girl we were all just getting to know had been murdered over the weekend. 

My heart hurts and I am stunned, shocked, speechless (on what's the right thing to think or say), angry, and depressed over this news.  She was so light and happy and had this really awesome aura and she was truly sweet. I cannot imagine how anyone could lose their life over someone else's hands. How selfish it is for someone to take away someone else's life, their dreams, and future. It makes me sick to know this and makes me sink into the darkness all over. Reminds me of the multiple tragedies that have happened over the last few years and how it seems to be too close to home, losing people and finding out others are ill. 

As we get older it seems there are more and more of these stories and it scares me. It also branches out into the many disturbing things about this world and its people that make me sad and angry and just makes you question everything. Why do people need to be so greedy and selfish. Both contribute to people getting sick, the loss of animals and forests and nature, and our food we eat being ruined by human greed. Everything goes in this sick circle and I feel helpless and don't know where to start to make the difference. I would like to make a difference somehow. 

Standing in this darkness, I know that beyond the dark is the light and that I need to find the good in life and the world to be happy. There are so many things to hold onto and make life positive that I can't let this overshadow the good. Life is too short. I need to remember to stop living in the minute that passed and keep living in the minute now. Smile at those around me, hug those near me, and leave trails of light, happy memories for others to embrace. I tell my kids all the time that I want them to be good kids and I can be a good happy mother so we never ever leave the car/house/room in negativity. I never want them to have left something in anger or frustration and always leave with a smile and happiness because if something happened to me later that day, the last thing I want them to think about is "mommy was so mad and yelling at me" before they left the car/house/room.  

Everyone deserves to be happy and positive. Spend less time in the darkness that consumes the mind. So remember to love those around you and hold them tight today because we cannot predict our tomorrow's. 

I've had this in my photo albums to always remind me to stop looking at tragedy and love life. Today, it was the perfect reminder. 


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