Clearing Out Useless Thoughts

Having so many emotions and thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis.   It's been a while since I totally stopped the occasional clicking of the past and that has really really helped with the sadness and hurt. Cut it out completely and I am a lot less sad and my heart doesn't feel so heavy.  Time to focus on the path ahead and the happiness of my little family I have here.

Mother's Day pic. They drive me nuts but they are my loves.  
Found these pics on Mother's Day looking for old pics of my mom. Its of my sister and I when we used to go to Japan to visit our grandparents. This is the best pic because it is what I remmeber most of being there. Grandpas store in front of the house had a ice cream freezer with my favorite cone ice cream with chocolate swirl in its own cute individual container. 

I'm trying to learn how to stop putting everyone first and try to be a little selfish. It's such a slow process but everything is baby steps. This past week I actually made a point to ask my mom to watch the kids so I could take a class with a few friends. That's a first. Usually the only time I ask for help is when I have to work and I always miss out on the workouts I want to they because I feel guilty asking for extra time. But I went and it was so much fun. It was so hard but I am completely addicted. My friend is an acrobat for shows here and she teaches aerial silks classes as well. I finally got to go and it is so fun. I want to get good at it. She is so much younger than me and I'm just in awe. She looks so effortless. I can only dream to be an ounce as good.

Aerial silks class. Killer. Love these girls!
Not easy!

She's a baby but I love her.  We can learn a lot from people young and old. 

On another note, I am crossing fingers that I finally get my health insurance because I seriously need to get my legs and feet checked. I can't even workout without it being flared up and painful. Thechiropractor said I definitely need an MRI and X-rays once I get the insurance because it shouldn't be this painful for this long. Being on weeks of forced rest sucks. I only did a few workouts and tried my best to be light with any leg stuff but it gets so sore and swollen right away. Now it's not just hurting from running but from everything. Trying to ask me to stay away from moving is not easy. From 5-6 days a week to 1-2 SUCKS!!!  Get me out of this mess. I'm running out of time to start training for the races coming at the end of the year. =(

Perks of being able to take classes for work! Battle ropes kicked our butts. 


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