Visions and Goals

Work has been very interesting. It was tough when I started  because I was starting with no clue what was in my head. Funny as weeks passed and they asked us to fill out or vision and goals rough draft, I had to really think but it was a lot easier than two months ago when they asked us to start jotting down notes.  Being around such awesome people have been really good because I see life differently than I did before. I've also had a bunch of amazing incredible resources within the company who have been able to shed some light on where I could go if I figured out what I wanted in life. Career. Personal. Health.

In the last week I reached out to someone who had spoken to us before we opened the store and he was a great eye opener and asset. He told me where to research to find more information. Listen to possibilities and career calls of the past in the areas I may be interested.  And as I work more, I remembered how much I loved the responsibilities of the back room and the backend of the store. I had always loved it in the past and doing it again reminded me that there is a way to get there if I choose that route. 

I'm going off topic again but with the assignment to turn in a rough draft, I had to go through the vision exercises and it was very strange. She tells us to close our eyes as she asks questions. Things to visualize about my perfect day ten years from now. What am I doing. Where am I. Who am I with? Jotting down notes and then seeing it as if it were really happening at that moment. When I visualized my perfect day, nothing was super detailed but what was happening was that I lived somewhere in the mountains, most likely the Pacific Northwest, in a house with a giant deck.  I have run at least two 100 mile races by then and my kids are 18 & 14.  We make breakfast and have coffee on the deck before we laced up our shoes and headed out to the trail with our rescue dog for a daily run. We meet a bunch of friends and new friends along our path.  Nothing strange about this so far. What IS strange is that with us on the mountain is a guy.  He's Charlie Hunnam (obviously not him) and we have a kid together. We aren't married but have been together forever and are happy and in love. 

This is where it is wierd because it is not what I want or envision and can't figure out why it would be in my exercise.  I have never ever wanted to be in another relationship ever again and would be happy to be alone forever so this popping up is throwing me off..especially envisioning someone in the mountains with me.  It felt so real that it gives me chills.  My boss had said during our exercise that that's when it is really a vision. When its so real you want to cry. It will change as time goes on. Visions and goals are meant to. But this vision is what it is and should be written and remembered til the next one appears. I need to add more exact detail about it and the goals for ten years and five and one. But I couldn't sleep with the adrenaline that was going through my veins from it. It was so real but so odd that I always wonder why I would even envision it. 

I also just couldn't sleep cause I'm so excited to go on my little trip next month. Next month can't come soon enough and its killing me waiting. Hurry hurry hurry! Can't wait to see old friends. 
 We were babies. '99? Hahaha. Love my homies. 
Things I ponder when I drive home from work. 50 minutes gives me way too much time with my head. 


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