Birthdays and Fam

When I look back to a year ago and what my birthday was like, so much has changed for the better. I re-read my blog entry from last year and it was filled with so much loneliness and tears and this year was just a huge 180 from that.

I spent my actual bday working and being on day 9 of 10 on my cleanse so I couldn't celebrate eating cake or any pasta that my family had eaten when I got home. I was ok since I am not much to celebrate holidays anyway but I also knew I had a two day trip planned to visit my best brother friend and his girl a few days later so it was something to look forward to. 

I've never had a day away from the kids since I became a mom so being away from them was hard to do. I almost didn't check in for my flight because I'm so nervous about being away and worrying about them being sad but I know they are in good hands with my parents. Everyone keeps saying I need to do something for myself for once and just GO!  So I did. I got on my flight this morning and waved goodbye and told myself its only two days and don't worry!  

Aaron's girls bday was two days after mine so we did a belated universal trip. He bought us year passes since it was only $20 more than a day pass and we has the best time. I am so grateful for having such an awesome friend who has been there from day 1.  Can't wait to go before my flight to ride the other ones we didn't get to do today. 

Love these two lovebirds 

I'll post another post when I get home from the trip but I am so stoked I came to HELL-A. 

I've always been freaked out by characters in costume and this was no joke hahaha 


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