So Much to do Not Enough Time

When I originally planned my trip, I meant to do a day trip and go home the next day.  Then I decided I think two days would be perfect.  When they day came, I thought I couldn't do it and should just stay home.  Forcing myself to go, once there, it was relaxing and so much fun to be in the company of good people with so much I still wanted to do but not enough time.  Two days is definitely NOT enough time to catch up with old friends and find all the good foods I wanted to try before I went home.

Aaron and Ming were right, this is the test out being away from the kids for more than a few hours and realizing that if it turns out to be not as bad as I thought, it would be the start of more day trips to come.

My homie since I was 18..jacked this pic from his Instagram:

We didn't get to go to Universal before my flight because our passes were black out days but we did get to just hang, eat, and see Venice Beach.  Been there, done that, no need to do it again HAHAHAHHAHA!  It was like walking through a SUPER SUPER long International Marketplace like back home in Waikiki (RIP).  Ming, being from Miami, and I, being from Hawaii, seeing the brown ocean was like, "UHHHHH ya, ok" but the ocean in itself is just calming and relaxing and if I ever lived there, I would totally go to a brown beach on down time just to eat lunch and relax listening to the ocean. 
I miss the ocean. I miss surfing.  I miss home but I don't miss the shit that was home.  Being surrounded by positive friends and just FAM is like a recharge.  Getting to see Laura, whom I haven't seen since I was probably 20 was sooooo awesome.  

She took us to this amazing vegan restaurant and I want to live in LA just for the food.  It is a definite must when I go next time.  Kale perogies, raw tacos, vegan ice cream, and friend mac and cheese......I will keep on dreaming til the next time I can eat there again. 

 I haven't eaten in restaurants in so long.  Being broke and just eating healthy and clean keeps me from eating out so this trip was a lot of firsts for me..and such a great time I can't stop missing it already.

The kids didn't even miss me which made me happy but sad at the same time.  They have gotten so used to me working and having grandma play with them that they miss me but they no longer cry or feel sad.  Back in Hawaii, the only had me so they weren't used to having me gone.  It was like that when we moved here too..just going to a job interview was stressful for me.  The guilt I felt for being away was hard.  But now they are used to it and know that I am always going to be coming home right away, they are happy kids and I feel less stress and guilt for picking up an extra shift at work.  They have grown up so much and I feel like I am continuously growing as a mom too.

The moment I felt the cool air in LA and saw the mountains, I knew that I can't stay in Vegas for too long.  Although I most likely will stay for a while just because the kids need the support and I do too.   I have a hard time trusting strangers to take care of my kids so they are in the best hands once I start working full-time. I'll keep looking but it will probably be awhile until to find a job somewhere along the west coast..but being in California really made me see how much my goals are there..being on the west coast..Oregon, Cali, Washington...somewhere near the PCT...or just being on the PNW..I have to get there someday in the near future.  I belong in the green mountain..not the desert..and if I am not in Hawaii then I'd be happy up there!!! GOALS GOALS GOALS.....going to make things happen.


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