Feeling Fresh

Everyday feels fresh. Monsoon season has lasted quite long here in the desert and everyone says there hasn't been this much rain ever. I'm pretty happy to hear that.  Maybe I brought from Hawaii rain to Vegas. 

I got to see a double rainbow and the super moon this morning on my hike/run at red rock before work. It was beautiful and refreshing. 

A few weeks ago I was back in LA visiting friends for a few days and went back to my favorite vegan place with friends. It is so nice to have fam not so far away. Who ever thought 3 hours of driving was not a big deal? Lol. It totally isn't anymore.  

Lucky to have fam who loves to cook

First time seeing lotus blossoms in person. Amazingly gorgeous. 
Been seeing a ton of gorgeous beach sunsets lately.  Totally miss the ocean. 

We dawn patrolled two weeks ago and had the best time at mount charleston. I need to explore that more. It's the one place I said i would live in if I had to stay in nevada. I'd love to lose myself in a little cabin in the mountain and I'd be pretty stoked. It was the first time I saw a deer in person and soooo close. It's was beauitful.  

I don't think there will ever be a time that I won't look at sunrise/sunset and nature and not appreciate how amazing it is. Its so cosmic. Wish I could get lost in it and some mountain and disappear with the kids. Constantly daydreaming about how to get to that point. Life would be even more amazing than it already seems to be going. 

A good friend Keith and his lady got z a late bday present and sent stuff for rocket and I as well. Nothing nicer than people who are thoughtful and actually out time in to think of the things that would matter. Presents don't matter its the thought that went into it. He's been there since I was 17 years old. I'll always be grateful for his friendship. 

On a health note, wow has life been a 180!  I have stopped taking my stomach medication which makes me extremely happy. I think majority of it was stress related and being in a situation for so many years it took a huge toll on my health. Now I am super healthy and haven't had to do it. I also stopped biting my nails! This is the first time in over 8 years that I have had my nails grown and it feels so nice to be moving toward that direction of being happy and healthy. Can't wait for the future. =)


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