Life is Work

In a span of a month since my last post, there have been so many random experiences and decisions to make.  Shows you just how much life can throw obstacles in your path.

Never been comfortable with making decisions and change, I have always been one to run away from having to face them.  If something amazing came up or an awesome opportunity could present itself, I would get to the final point and then back out because I was afraid of change and comfortable just staying stagnant because it was easier than making waves in the water.

Explaining that to my KL the other night she told me this is why I'm working on changing that..doing things differently.  As hard as it may be, I have to work on myself and doing things because it's WORK.  It isn't easy that's why I need to make these choices and changes....

LIFEEEEEEEEE is not easy..but I am doing these things to get a better job and paid more to help support my kids.  I want to be able to move out of my parents house and support my kids, pay for their preschool and school activities and not be struggling so badly that I worry about everything.  Who wants to be 35 and living at home with's definintely not good for my soul.  I love my family and so grateful for their help in this gave the kids a chance to get to know them and learn SOOOO many amazing teachings from them...but I don't want to be dependent on them and we need to all be happy.

Outside of life changes, I've been able to explore a lot in various's been nice.  The weather has been changing to fall weather which is the best thing ever.  Hiking has resumed with the kids.  It is so nice to be able to share that part of my life with the kids..I want them to grow up remembering these memories and hopefully continuing to lead an outdoor, active life.  I didn't have that growing up and I was never atheltic, nor did I have the drive to be active.  Now that I am, I wished I had done this all my life.  I hope the kids will take these experiences and lead a healthy lifestyle in the future.  They do complain a bit..especially Rocket because he is small but I keep explaining to him that he needs to do these things and hard as they may be, they are good for him and his health..appreciate nature and outdoors..the Earth we live on and the reason we are living.  As much as I am a person of the electronics world, I do think everything needs balance. I want them to have both worlds..

Some amazing sunsets and nature he last month

First time having a Moscow mule. I'm sold. The cup was the selling point hahaha

Can't wait to take my kids to see this soon 

Fall is back and it makes me smile. Sharing my fave pastime with them makes my heart burst with happiness 


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