Year of the Sheep

Tofuscloset has been running for soooo many years..what started as a fashion/style/reselling blog turned into something scary and depressing..and figured the new journey starts now!

Life has been a whirlwind the last year.  So many new beginnings.  Life sure has thrown a lot of shit my way and made me grow up to be stronger than I have ever been. 

(Photo from marc angel fb page)

As much as I hate change, decisions, and get overwhelmed with anxiety and stress, it sure has made me strong.  The choices I've made in the last few years has taught me a lot about myself.  My weaknesses and what I need to work on.  Work has shown me a lot as well.  And the one person who has shown me there are still amazing humans alive in this world, they do actually exist...has shown me that I have grown hard and tough on the outside because of what I have been through and I have a lot of work to do to find myself again..  I will never let someone treat me like I am not a human being ever again.  Never let someone show me and the boys that we are not important.  My kids are my life..and I would never want them to grow up doing that as adults.  They now have a chance for such a beautiful life and beautiful makes me smile knowing that there is so much love in all of our lives.  My family and very good friends have been the rock I could lean on all this time and I am forever grateful for everything that everyone has done for us. 

When the year started, my mom said this is my year..the year of the Sheep....and so far she's been right.....everything is falling into place and we are all so excited for the two separate worlds to be finally be in the same state..I am so tired of commuting and so excited for what's in store.  Work has given me such an amazing opportunity and all I have is a feeling of gratitude.  We've already gotten to experience so many amazing things the last few months and there are so many more we have planned........nothing but smiles.....

Family friends reunited


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