Ohhhh Mothers Day

Second Mother's Day since we left Hawaii. Last year was the first real one celebrating Mother's Day at my parents home. And this year was even better. Even though I had to work, happy it was a short shift and I got to wake up to a surprise breakfast with my little family. They made me an avocado omelette and peanut butter cookie cake. (Definitely not healthy and full of refined sugars but it's a special occasion)

The kids painted something for me and they came out so beautiful!

I have to smile just thinking how special they made today even though I'm the one person who doesn't like holidays especially anything focusing on me. Hahahaha. 

Got to work and had a Mother's Day surprise waiting for me as well. Such a sweet gesture from my work family!!  I never go and get any girly things done so this is going to be interesting bahahahahha 

Slowly losing my mind with no working out as recommended by the guy who's been fixing my back. He says I need to let it heal then see what hurts it but I need to do something. We had a work breakfast earlier this week and impromptu stairs hike followed. My friends let me borrow all their workout clothes since I didn't come prepared. It was nice to be outside. Grateful for everyone in life who does so much for me. 

In the meantime, trying to eat healthy and stay sane.  Kids are cool cause they seem to like the healthy eating =)
Sometimes this happens..Leftovers for dinner..whatever's in the fridge gets served on the table 


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