We are our Childhood

We really are a reflection of how we grow up. Yes, we can do everything we can to do things differently as adults if we choose to (if you have a bad childhood or want to do things differently) but it really isn't easy. 

If you're raised in a warm loving home, chances are, you become that way. My love has always had the sweetest heart, kindness, and love like no one I have ever known. Meeting his whole family has shown me that he is truly what he grew up with. He is his family. It amazes me and makes me smile. They showed such love and strength in the hardest time and I felt it through the three days I was there. 

So grateful to have all of this in my life and for the boys to be able to grow up with this as well. Everything that surrounds them will be warm and filled with love and kindness which makes me smile even in these times. 

I went through some old memories of almost a year ago and I had posted a picture of me with coffee and a quote on my Sbux cup about no experience being a waste. Everything has meaning. And that was the very day love sent me a message and started this entire whirlwind we have experienced. Stars aligned and I am always thinking how lucky we crossed paths and how very lucky I am.  Cosmic. 


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