Stream of Visitors

It's been a nice steady stream of extended family coming to stay with us. As much as it turns our daily routines out of synch, it's really nice to have family around who we can help heal and also give us all new experiences. The kids get to experience so many new adventures.

Fire pit smores with Mat's brother

Alpine sled and amazing sunsets at big bear lake

Had our official one year anniversary a few weeks ago. we've been so busy with all the visitors and work changes that we almost didn't get a chance to do anything. I asked a good friend of mine from work if I could pay her to watch the kids for a few hours after we got off work so we could get a dinner by ourselves. It was fun because I got to make her dinner and vegan condensed milk for her hat I meant to make a while ago but never got a chance to. So a mixture of thank you for being there and a late housewarming gift. She doesn't cook a lot and loves when I feed her so I knew she'd be happy. So grateful to have her and the boys love her so much. 

We had a nice dinner at one of my favorite vegan restaurants. We never ate at this location so we thought we'd try it. Everything we had was delicious. Vegan kale perogies, pretzel and salad were delicious. Mat's coconut curry was the only thing that was really awful. We never get time to be by ourselves so it was nice to have a couple of hours to enjoy each other's company. We laughed about how he asked me to be his girlfriend that day a year ago even though we had been hanging out for almost two months before that and we both felt like we were set on each other well before that day but it was sweet and I'm not much for special occasions but he's the sweetest person I know. He sent me flowers at work to surprise me too. It was so cute. 

We haven't had much time with just our family since all the visitors were here so when our last guest left we went straight to doing normal things. Z got lessons in making gyoza and did everything from making them to cooking them. He was so proud.  We have to get back into the normal routine again but it has been an adjustment. Kids got so used to having so many activities everyday it's been a little transition. And just when we get used to it, things will get crazy again when guests come to help work on a project hahahaha but for now we will get our quiet time in =)

Testing out some recipes on vegan chocolate chip oat muffins which I now label as cookies hahaha 


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