Awesome Start..2016

So many changes since last time I wrote.

Lots to be grateful for and I am really lucky. New job that is pretty awesome, learning to be less constantly moving and working at double time is a challenge but it helps in our personal life as well. Seeing that not everything needs to be done in the day like I've always been. Trying to slow down a bit and not stress myself out. It helps to lessen some of the extra stress at home as well. At least it takes a little off the crazy we have on our plate everyday. 

Last day at lulu. Miss my expedite team so much but my new job also kicks ass =)

My new job is pretty rad 

Seeing that we can try new methods with the kids has helped too. The kids and Mat have been on an awesome early start since I have early starts. Trying to be healthier and it's been a great family bonding for them.  We are all so lucky to have him. And it's been so nice to know how much he means to the kids as well. 

We've been through a lot of stuff lately and we've had to learn to change and grow. Learn to work on things and focus on now because we have so much on our plates and we can't ever find time for anything but work. We lost ourselves for a while. Granted we have had one thing after another thrown at us. So glad I have him. We balance each other in ways I cannot explain. 

Bearded beats lol

Kids have gotten obsessed with master chef junior. They've always loved cooking but it's now even more so. Can't wait til they get bigger and can do things on their own without our help =)

So much to say but not enough time to type. Will go into depth on a later date one subject at a time I suppose. Xoxo


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