Year of Growth

As hectic as every day has been, we are grateful for the special things we share together.

Love has been the sweetest and surprising me with cute notes and coffee when he gets the chance to make a quick hello between work.

We had non stop days for the last few months.  Between changing jobs and making time after work for work on production and projects with mat, we've been hectic. Lots of ups and downs in that world of work, and lots or learnings for us both. But as crazy as it's been, we've grown and grown so much. The best part is, we both are so much alike that we always want to work on the things we need for the both of us. That's a big big deal to me. Knowing that someone is always standing by your side. Right or wrong and making it right and always wanting to work on anything and everything. He's amazing. He's also taught me that I can't always worry about what will happen. When I asked for three days off from work to work on a project with him, I kept feeling guilty and that I may look like a bad worker or something. Or what will happen if I end up working on more projects and need more time off this year like we have plans. I like my job but it's not where I'll be forever. At least I don't think so. Hahaha. It's pretty rad. I get to learn new things and see aircraft parts. ❤️ But Our future goals is for me to work less and we make more money on projects so our business will be a real one and we would be able to work full time on projects. He's taught me that I need to not worry about what will come and may happen we can deal with it as it comes. Easy for people to say and I always know that but couldn't really do it. Normally, I'd be worried and just feeling bad all the time wondering if I am inconveniencing others. This time it lasted two days and I was like fuck it. It is what it is. My future will be what it is. And felt good about it. =)

We've worked on the boys too. Trying to make the best of the little time we have together to make family time well worth it. It's tough when they are going through their growing changes and testing us left and right!!  But we've been learning and getting frustrated and stressed but all in all its been good to see how we try different ideas and figure out what works. 
The kids have been loving the kitchen time. Master chef junior days in the kitchen have been fun. 

We've also been lucky that my sister and her hubby moved from Virginia to California last month. They live almost 2 hours away but it's still nice that we get to visit with them once in a while. The kids love hanging out with them. 

Life has a way of testing us but we always make it through. I cannot wait to see what this year will unfold. I'm sure lots of obstacles but also amazing things.
Some days have been tough. Mentally and physically. But we sure know who to get through a lot. 


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