Work Work

This last month has been non stop work. 15 hour days filled with my regular work and working on projects with mat. Thankful his mom came to help watch the kids so we could go straight from my work to the job site everyday. She's amazingly sweet and it was nice having her here. Wish our little apartment was bigger to make it more comfortable for everyone but it works.

We've finish most of the crazy stuff and are slowly trying to get organized again. Everytime we get close to figuring out a schedule, things get thrown in the air. It's been hard to find balance between work and life and we've had no downtime for catching up with each other. Can't wait for those time. 

Great packaging by French Paper for Mat's project

The boys painting at the live painting event in LA

Mathew's work in progress in Venice

We did take a day break before she left to take her out to see he beach and green up north. It was nice to be back Ito morro bay. Halfway through the roadtrip I had an anxiety attack from being in the backseat with the kids. I am not good with small close spaces and I felt bad because my mood and attitude aren't the best when it starts. His mom was sweet and offered to sit in the back so I could be comfortable. I felt so bad for being so miserable. We got to see sea otters at the Rock which was a surprise. It was so cute. There was a mama otter on her back with the baby on her belly floating around. One day we hope to keep driving further north. Time is always against us with work. Lol. 

Driving up to Morro Bay with the family

Tide pool exploring with the boys at Morro Rock

Boys and Grandma at Morro Bay rock

Morro Rock exploring


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