Oh how I love Chicago. We only had one day to explore there but it was lovely. Well, we had a night before work to explore a little. Work all day the next day. Then have one full day to explore. As much as I wish we had more time and could afford to have two or three days in a city to explore, I'm grateful we even had one day to do that. Lucky my mom was visiting and could watch the boys for a couple days to get work done. And for my good friend from Lulu who came and helped out for a night. What would we do without everyone in our lives?

We are not very touristy. Sometimes I wish one of us was into all the tourist things to do because then we'd have a better plan but we both never have any ideas what we want to do when we go to a city. We do love to eat so we always try to find little gems that are must eats in the cities. Preferably little hole in the wall places. Other Han that we just end up walking around the city and exploring. Seeing the architecture and stopping for a coffee or snack along the way. We both loved Chicago a lot. It was gorgeous and very diverse. We did go to Cloud Gate at Milennium Park. We stayed for a few minutes with a friend but then off we went.

Cloud Gate Millenium Park Chicago bean

Chicago Millenium Park

My Love's beautiful artwork left for someone to grab =)
Make Your City Wild in Chicago pigeon Stencil woodcut by Mathew Curran

Peaceful protests
Passing the cops at near the hotel watching the Trump Protestors

The weather was cold but we knew hard going there. There was a character to the city that was much different from New York. We couldn't put our finger on it but we found it to be very appealing and inviting. We definitely want to go back again with the boys and have them experience it. Maybe it was the waft of slightly burnt  chocolate chip cookies that we would smell around every corner that was inviting. Hahaha. We tried to figure out what the smell was and googled it. Seemed no one had a definite answer but it came down to a possibility that it was a chocolate factory on kinzie street.

The deep dish pizza was not exactly our favorite but did try it and it was yummy. Just not the kind of pizza I prefer.  We DID take a quick dinner break while working to walk to Little Goat Diner which was absolutely fuckin amazing. If there was one place we have to return to again, it would be there. The place was cozy and busy and our server Anthony was the best. I'd ask for his table again for sure =)

Quick break in Chicago at Little Goat Diner

yummy latte's at Intelligentsia Coffee

I realize it's been months since my last post and I do hope to get back to the groove. More about food and cooking and traveling. We just have had so much happening and no downtime this year. The boys have had lots going on too and we just find it hard to even sit down and relax for an hour every night without passing out to repeat the day. Hahahaha.


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