10,000 Black Petals

Love had a last minute creative idea to add on 10,000 spray painted black petals on the center floor.  Means the last month has  been non stop cutting and painting the flowers.  Been working all day to get them done and we are only halfway there.  Crossing fingers that we can get them finished by next week.  The cold weather hasn't been helping it dry fast enough and it just added an extra step to the process having to let them dry longer and using the heat gun to help it go a little quicker.

Here is a little clip on what the process is like.  The whole process is easy but time consuming having to lay out each petal, paint, heat, flip over, paint, heat, dry and pick up to start all over again.  Trying to do a few hundred at a time to make each batch worth the dry time.  This clip is 1,000 of 10,000:


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