Optimistic Year Ahead

We ended the year accomplishing most of what we had hoped for.  Way more than we expected considering how behind everything was.  Most of what needed to get done with the looming deadlines were finished except the painting of the petals.  Today marked 2 weeks and it all the petals are finally cut.  Now on to the task of painting the last remaining half...only about 5000 petals to paint in the next 10 days..TOTALLY DOABLE!

The boys did such an awesome job painting the shipping containers...(photo: Mat)
Cassie and Kids California Shipping Crate

Some of the petals:
10,000 spray painted wisteria petals stencils

Luckily, the shipping pickup was delayed which gave us a day to celebrate Rocket's bday early and take a mini sunrise road trip out toe Wrightwood to play in the snow.  It has been almost a year since we last went to play in any sort of snow and it was so nice to spend even just a few hours outdoors with the kids..even if it meant coming back home and spending the rest of the day working.

Buddy the Bison from the National Park Trust program got to explore Wrightwood with us =)
National Park Trust Buddy Bison Program exploring Wrightwood Snow Mountains

Family snowman
Cassie Mathew kids Wrightwood family snow day

The boys had fun all winter break doing what they wanted and learning how to work at the same time..but we ended up not spending much time outdoors and that really hurts my heart.  Being outdoors and exploring and showing the kids the importance of nature is a huge deal for me..if anyone knows me that is most important.  I always want to be a good example to them and hope that seeing a parent exercising and staying healthy all the time will rub off on them as they grow older.  I haven't been able to show them that the last year with all my recurring back and feet pains..and work after work..2017 means changing some things even in the smallest of ways to getting back the good habits and instilling lessons in them =)


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