Without War Paint Installation

What a whirlwind week. Flew out to help Mathew with his museum exhibit at CAM Raleigh and it turned out to be an eventful flight. It was already a hectic morning trying to schedule and get the social media takeover for TWYLA all while trying to get on a flight and be in touch with Mat while he was busy with his first day of installing the large stencils. Trying to communicate with different people on a plane and being exhausted probably didn't help.

The last hour of my flight, I started to feel like I was going to be sick and throw up so I got out to head to the bathroom and felt even worse. I was afraid I'd throw up in the aisle so I asked for a bag and next thing I knew I was on the floor with a doctor over me asking me what my name was. I didn't even know I had fainted in the galley. The poor ladies must have been freaking out. I felt so sick I had to go to the bathroom.  But once I was done I felt better but lightheaded and dizzy. No clue why or what brought it on. The nurse and doctor on board were with me my last hour of the flight and making sure I was ok. I felt fine just dizzy. I have no clue what it was. Usually if I feel an anxiety attack coming, I feel it creeping slowly but this was something new. They said that someone gave the. Wrong information to the doctors on the ground saying I had cpr so they were now forced to have paramedics meet us at the plane and take me off!  I said I was fine but they said it is too late. Omg how embarrassing. They made everyone wait until I got off the plane. The paramedics were sweet and checked to make sure I was ok and had me on my way. I left with a cut on my elbow and bruise on my head from the fall but glad to be off and not in a hospital.

Fainting on Delta Flight

Once we left the airport, we ran around town to leave a bunch of giveaways for Make Your City Wild and it was really fun to see people looking for Mat's work running around after us hahahaha.

Giveaways in Raleigh for Make Your City Wild 
Running around Raleigh North Carolina leaving giveaways Make Your City Wild

Getting to the museum in the early morning to start installing the rest of the exhibit was awesome. Everyone there is amazing and it is really nice to see how beautiful the space is and how much they loved his work.  Long, exhausting days but it's finally complete and everything turned out even more beautiful than imagined. So many stressful days and nights all lead up to this and it's such a great experience to be a part of.

Early AM at CAM ready for installation:
Uncrating the framed artwork

Mathew doing the last touchups on the large stencils
 Love is the sweetest..we work together well..=)
Mathew Curran Cassie Jo Cam Raleigh museum installation stencils

Mathew putting in the final touches on the large stencils
Last touch ups on the large stencil installation
Framed pieces getting hung and lit
laying in the 10,000 petals

laying out the petals
 10,000 petal installation titled "Come Here" is finished!!
Teamwork laying out the 10,000 petals

So very very proud of my love:
Mathew Curran Without War Paint museum exhibit CAM Raleigh


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