Adjusting to the Daily Routines

January started off with our daily schedules thrown out the window.  With Mathew being gone for 3 weeks to do the CAM street mural and media room install, we had to make a lot of adjustments to our schedule.

Having family here to stay at our house to watch the boys while I work and fly for the weekends has been so helpful and we are forever grateful.  Kathi being here is always awesome..she helps so much.  Not just with the boys but everything else from studio to work to mental sanity! HAHAHA.

Now that we are home for a month before we leave again, it is playing catch up.  We have been home for less than a week and we are still trying to catch up on work, emails, schedules and house things.  Mat finally put shelves in my studio so I could organize my paint and not have it all over the floor.  You have no idea how happy that makes me!!!!!!!!  Trying to catch up on the Make Your City Wild production so we have things to giveaway and come up with a better business plan =)

production day for make your city wild bunnies

studio organizing spray paint

Trying to get back to our weekly meetings for work to organize the week has also been difficult.  Trying to get the boys back on track and spend QT time and fit in our work meetings has been difficult.  It will come in the next week or so..but we did manage to find a moment to take a break and ride our bikes on the pier with the boys, explore that seafood spot we kept driving by and try the yummy food, and fit in a meeting at a new coffee spot I have been wanting to try.   Captain Kidd's Fish Market is pretty awesome.  The people there are friendly and their lobster bisque was AMAZING!  Could pass on the fish and chips and can't wait to try their fresh fish next time.

Captain Kidd's Fish Market Redondo Beach Pier

Family bike rides exploring with Buddy BIson National Park Trust

The Boy and the Bear in Redondo was super cute.  I like that there is a new coffee house nearby.  We always talk about the lack of good coffee houses on this side short of Two Guns Espresso out in Manhattan Beach.  That was always the only one not very close to home.  Finding this little gem halfway between Two Guns and home is perfect and the coffee at the Boy and the Bear was really yummy but I think next time we need to try the pour over to get the real taste of what they are trying to achieve.

The Boy and the Bear coffee house Redondo Beach

It is so weird being back to reality but nice at the same time.  Work at my regular job has been the same ol same ol and sometimes I wonder what my mental state will be the longer I am there HAHAHAHA  I need mental stimulation and so glad I get to do studio work after work or I would go insane.  School keeps calling meeeeeee...I may need to start taking a class here or two just for the mental growth.  Woodwork and welding have been calling my name =)


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