Quick Trip to Dallas and the East Coast

Flew into Dallas Texas for a quick trip for ABL. It was surprisingly pretty awesome. I didn't have much expectations of Dallas but it turned out to be one of the best trips on tour so far. The hotel driver took us on a quick tour of downtown and the architecture and tiny parks in the city were beautiful.

puffy clouds view from the airplane to dallas

We got to have a quick bite and play games with the crew before a hectic work day in the AM at Kung Fu Saloon. It was so fun. Nothing better than old school arcade games that touch our heartstrings from the 80s and 90s growing up. Mortal combat, street fighter, PAC man, centipede, etc and all free to play. I saw and played my first shuffleboard game. It was so much fun I wanted one at home but know that it wouldn't be as fun if we have it versus the occasional fun.

shuffleboard game at kung fu saloon dallas texas

Work day was at Gilley's and the venue was a really great place to work in. Everything went quickly which made it a fast in and out.  We actually had a chance to go the the Modern Museum Fort Worth to catch the last week of the Kaws exhibit..it was AMAZING!!!

Gilley's pre-show:
Gilley's Dallas venue before the crazy

Kaws at the Modern:
kaws gumby

kaws companion wood pieces

kaws bunny

vince at the base of kaws cookie monster

Got to try fuel city tacos for a late night snack after work and I couldn't believe how crazy busy the lines were. People standing out in the 30 degree cold for tacos. It was amazing. Beef fajita tacos for sure!!!

2am snacks after work (Photo credit: Kat)
Fuel City Tacos Dallas Texas Gas Station

3 hours of sleep and back on the plane to Raleigh for a quick day trip with love who took me out on a date for dinner. It was so sweet to have him be so thoughtful especially in all the craze over the last six months. We hadn't had a moment to spend doing anything special because of work but it was the sweetest surprise when he took me to dinner and I didn't know that was the plan lol. I cried. It's always the little things that make everything worth it.  Forever grateful.

Ember the Golden Retriever puppy

Back on a plane, 24 hours later, off to Denver. Not enough time. Wish I could have gotten out of the airport. It was lightly snowing and so beautiful. The architecture in the airport was so beautiful and it was insanely busy. It reminded me of the Tokyo crossing where everyone was coming from all directions on the move. NFL Sunday so it was a busy crazy evening with so much energy. Can't wait to go back to Denver to explore one day.

architecture inside Denver Airport
NFL sunday waiting for the airplane
Home with family and playing pillow fight was just the perfect ending to the evening. I forget how much we have to be grateful for majority of the time because I focus so much on the weight that we carry until I see those little shining moments and it smacks me in the face reminding me that we have the best as tough as it gets. ❤❤


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