Exploring St. Louis .. Sort of...

We didn't have much time to explore St. Louis this time around.  It was my first time there and I didn't quite know what to make of it.

Usually when I go to a new city, I get a feel for the energy or architecture from the get go.  This city, I couldn't even come to a feeling about it.  I don't know what it is.  I couldn't find one thing that made me go OH WOW, THAT'S AMAZING.  It didn't help that everyone we were traveling with seemed to have the same feeling..and they had come to STL for many years in a row.

The event was fun as usual.  The venue was a little difficult to get things moving but it was still nice to see everyone.  We got to enjoy some amazing food at Karen's since she lives there and hosted us all at her house for dinner and lunch two days in a row.  Super grateful and I got to try peach cobbler for the first time.  AMAZING!  The one memorable thing about STL was our hotel.  We stayed at the Magnolia Hotel and it was such a beautiful little restored hotel.  I would definitely love to stay there again if we end up in STL.

magnolia hotel st louis

neo locust mathew curran dax art beats lyrics

neo locust art beats lyrics view upstairs

They did have an awesome metro which took us from airport to hotel and was very clean.  I have a thing for subways and metros in cities.  It happened to be Mardi Gras weekend and we saw all the people dressed up on the metro on our way to the airport.  We heard that St. Louis is 2nd to biggest celebration of Mardi Gras to New Orleans!  Crazy!  We got to leave a few of the rats for Make Your City Wild giveaway which is always fun to do on our trips.  Can't wait for the next city...=)

make your city wild rats metro train stl makeyourcitywild

make your city wild rats hotel giveaway stl makeyourcitywild

st louis metrolink train


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