Getting Lost in the Mountains

We got to take a little break and hike rattlesnake trail this weekend.  It has been raining off and on the last few weeks and it made the mountain so green we just couldn't resist. The trail was muddy and we wore the wrong shoes but it was still fun to take the family out.

Got muddy.
Found walking sticks on the trail.
Used the trick we learned on a tv show about how to use your fingers to tell how much sunlight we had remaining.
Watched the water flowing where there is never any water.
And found a peaceful place to just escape from the crazy life we have everyday.
So beautiful and grateful for what we have.

As much as I miss Hawaii, this came pretty damned close to sunrise hikes I used to do back home.

epic mountains and lush greenery california

family hike through rainy palos verdes

gorgeous sunset palos verdes rattlesnake trail

learning to find sticks for walking sticks

searching for walking sticks in the mountain

green trails in southbay

sunset water flowing rarity


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