Mojave Desert Sand Dune Escapes

We made a pit stop at the Kelso Sand Dunes in the middle of the Mojave Desert.  It's been on my to do list for a long time and I was so happy to get there.

kelso sand dune mojave desert summit boys

where's waldo kelso sand dunes summit

shadows mojave desert sand dunes

We did take the wrong turn on a wrong street the first time and wasted a good 45 minutes driving in rough gravel almost taking off the front of my little Yaris!  By the time it got to 2 miles in (with 4 more to go) I said let's double check the directions because I don't think my car can make another 4 miles of this as it gets worse.  Sure enough, Siri and Yelp gave us the wrong directions and we found the correct one and started our trip again.  It was a good hour half to the right place and I was worried we wouldn't make it there before the sun set and it would be too dark and cold to make it to the top.  The boys were tired and didn't want to go, but once we went, they ran up and didn't want to stop til they reached the top.  It makes me so happy to share the outdoors with them and for them to find joy in exploring!  It was so beautiful and peaceful.  You could lose yourself and find a real sense of peace and relaxation there.  The silence was so relaxing.  It being close to sunset, I was surprised that there were actually a good handful of people still there.  It is a definite must see and I would love to go back and explore with lunch next time.

cassie jo mathew curran kelso sand dunes exploring

kelso sand dunes mojave desert middle of nowhere

red cheek faces sand dune hiking
sand dune pretend world of tanks


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