Nonstop, No Sleep

Our days have been filled with nonstop activities!  Finding a workable routine has been tough but we are managing to get everything ELSE filled in so we are succeeding in a majority of our things-to-do but not everything.  But then again, who can manage to fit everything in and not forget something?  We have had to fit in activities and work meetings in between work...ARGGGG need more hours in the day to just relax and have a coffee to do nothing! LOL  BUT..I did get to enjoy the most amazing minestrone soup at Gjusta for a work meeting!  One of my favorite places!

amazing minestrone soup at Gjusta Bakery

The boys have become obsessed with skateboarding which is pretty awesome.  I am so happy to see that there is something they really love doing (outside of minecraft) that gets them up in the morning excited.  They come home and want to skate, they wake up at sunrise saying they want to skate  It's pretty cool.  They have progressed so much in the last 3 weeks.  So crazy to think they have only been skating for 3 weeks and have gotten so comfortable on it.  We have been trying to fit in the sunrise and sunset skating as much as we can and finding new skate parks around California to see which ones they like best.  It gives us a good reason to explore cities we have never been to which is a good thing for us because we don't know many places outside of our norm.  We have just had ZERO sleep! HAHAHHA

silly kids cheech and chong skateboards

rain or shine they are skating

houghton skate park long beach california

sunrise skate sessions with kids

learning how to drop in

practice skateboard drop in

sunrise silhouette in the cold

Work and work after work has been exhausting.  But it has to get done right?  I hope someday I can just work doing projects or find a job being someone's assistant in place of my normal job at the warehouse.  It would be nice to have a job that I am passionate about.  =)  Until then, working after work to help on projects has been tiring but fun.  I would rather be super busy than not.  It's my crazy head that can't sit still.  =)  We are finally about to get Make Your City Wild up and it's so exciting.  Constantly thinking of new ideas and what we can do and it's been a really fun project that we are working on.  Yes, more things on our plate when we haven't even found balance with our personal life hahahaha! 

learning to play pool waiting for us to finish working

make your city wild rats for CAM

nonstop working on invoices and shipping make your city wild

mathew curran honey bee for make your city wild

It's been raining to hard the last month or so that California has become green!!!!  We went to make a quick stop at our favorite area in Palos Verdes.  Del Cerro is one of my favorite places to explore and hike but we didn't have time to hike so we just went to take a look at the benefits of the rain.  Everytime we went, it was brown and desert-like.  I know it's still beautiful but I grew up with the green mountains back in Hawaii and everything else is so hard to compare to it.  This time, Del Cerro looked gorgeous and green!!!!!  I had never seen such greenery there and the trails were clearly defined by the greenery!!!  It made me so happy.  If it wasn't so cold and windy, I would have stayed up there for hours in the quiet space relaxing.  Can't wait to hike it before it disappears!

Del Cerro in it's green glory mountain

mountain greenery in california


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