New Trails at Palos Verdes

Amidst the hectic schedules we have lately, we have tried to make time to take the kids outdoors.  As much work as we have piled up, we know that it is important to take a mini break and MAKE time for an hour or two or else the boys will be cooped up at home everyday waiting for us to finish everything.

Before our crazy work trip, we took them out to Palos Verdes again to make the most of the rainy green vegetation.  It had grown so much taller and we were so excited.  We tried a different trail and saw a sweet little ground squirrel.  We don't see too many animals when we go and I wonder if it's because there is a lot of foot traffic throughout the day.  Mysteries.

I can't wait to go to new places soon.  When time permits, we definitely want to drive out to new mountains and trails.  North would be awesome.  Until then, we will enjoy the nearby happiness.

california trail exploring selfie

green vegetation overgrown at Palos Verdes California

my boys exploring the trails hiking

exploring new trails hiking california with the family

amazing colors and view at the top of PV 


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