Preparing for Travels and Crazy Skate Kids

Ha! The boys are obsessed with skateboarding. I'm so happy they love something so much. Everyday is filled with a passion to get better.  Which means as parents, we wake up before the sunrise even on our days off to take them before everyone gets up to have the skatepark to ourselves.  Can't wait until they are good enough to skate around other safely..then we'd have more sleep!  We struggle with the constant upset anger, whining, crying and talking back when things don't work out the way they want and hope but it is normal. Or so we'd like to believe hahaha. Mat is really great teaching them. They wouldn't be able to do this much in 6 weeks if it weren't for him teaching them!  We are lucky to have him in all aspects of our lives.

Lucky kids got to meet Rodney Mullen randomly on the beach!  He even offered to let them stand on his sakteboard! Such a down to earth human being. (photo credit: Mathew Curran)
lucky kids got to meet Rodney Mullen at the beach

sunset skateboarding practice
sunset at manhattan beach california

In the meantime, trying to finish up getting animals ready to giveaway when we go on our next trip in a week. Busy busy busy. I also got to talk with the machinist at work the other day and I wish I could learn to use the CNC machines!!!  They are so awesome and create beautiful scraps.  Between the boys, work and everything else we end the day so exhausted it's making us feel so old!

make your city wild snail woodcut stencils
makeyourcitywild kitty cat woodcut stencil

haas cnc mill machine

haas cnc machine shop

scrap metal from haas cnc machine


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