Ziggy's 11th Birthday

I cannot believe that Ziggy is 11 years old.  He has grown up so much.

Many times, we are still reminded of how much of a little child he is, but in many other aspects, he's grown up to be a big boy.  Such a cute, sweet, ANGRY, silly and different child he is.  He's definitely going to be something amazing when he grows up.

He had everything scheduled on a paper to let use know how he wanted his day to be.  We stayed on track for the most part and he was so sweet to take us all out to dinner with his gift card from last year.  He felt like such a big kid by taking us all out to eat.  He didn't even want to do anything big..all he wanted to do was hang out with his family.

So very proud of him and cannot wait to see what comes in the next years...

ziggy jo birthday dinner Buca Di BEppo zirocksays

Ziggy Jo Birthday present watch

Ziggy Jo Birthday Cake zirocksays


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