June Bithdays, Family and Gardening

Mathew and I have birthdays that are 6 days apart...and the funny part is that we both don't celebrate or make it a big deal.  We aren't present giving people and we don't like to take time to do special things for ourselves and have people know that it's our birthdays.  We are a strange pair aren't we?

The boys spent time in the bathroom setting up such a cute little happy birthday to me when I got home from work.  Sad part was, I was so busy working on more work when I got home that I hadn't even gone to the bathroom for at least 2 hours after I got home and didn't even see it until I got up to pee before we had to go to tend the garden!  It was such a sweet gesture.  I am very uncomfortable with people paying attention to me so birthdays are strange for me.  I am almost unhappy more than happy on that day!


For Mathew's birthday, he had to work and take Rocket to his first class after winning the Intro2skate contest and he ended up spending all day driving and class and driving some more.  I had planned to cook him a nice dinner and cake and it was so nice to have his mom and step mom here for our birthdays.

We were so busy the entire time they were here working and it feels like we never get enough time to just relax and hang out.  They helped us get our garden set up and we have so much to learn about gardening!!!  They all just left and the house seems so empty without them.


Cannot wait til we get our life a little less hectic and have time to look back at all of this and laugh! =)


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