Serious Lack of Time and Energy

Life has been uphill, downhill and sideways the last few years and this year has been filled with many changes. Many good changes have come but has also made our life full with even less free time. I am finding it extremely hard to find interest in blogging and social media. The more and more I see everyone so consumed with it, the less I want to be around it. I have to use things for work all the time but when it comes to personal things, I find myself pulling away from keeping up with the digital world.  There is something about the way people see pictures and they imagine that's what your life is like.

No one seems to realize it's just a sliver of something you actually share of your personal life but in no way means that is how life is...You never see the struggles or hardships or lack of picture portrays this crazy amazing life that viewers seem to think is what you're living when in reality your life is just the same as it's always been.  One photo doesn't mean we travel all the time and are having the time of our lives hanging out doing fun's quite the opposite..we just post one thing that makes us smile while the days keep melding into one another with the same work life reality that we deal with on a daily...

I am finding myself looking forward to more and more outdoor time, turned off by the amount of time it takes to keep up with everything when you have no time to spare for genuine family time, I find it even harder to justify spending that precious time looking at Instagram and all other pointless things that do nothing but take away that little time that I do have.

The posts dates have gone further and further apart and I had wanted to spend less time writing one that was interesting and couldn't figure out why..until recently. I've been so busy working on the computer with my current job that when the day is done and I still have to work on organizing my better half's business and the kids and the skateboarding, by the time we sit down, all I want to do is unwind and spend 30 minutes laughing about something silly before apologies for being disconnected from everything but until I find that passion for blogging and keeping up with social media, I may just pop in and out sporadically..IT IS the holiday season for the rest of the year which means added craze! HAHAHAHA




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