Saturday Night Fun With Beautycounter

So, this is what 10 minutes of our Saturday night looked like.

Jump out of the shower with a bright idea of trying out the Beautycounter Charcoal Face Mask that I thought I'd try out.  I am not a face / makeup person but lately I have tried a few products because a friend works for them and turned me on to them.  I am a believer in supporting safer products and chemicals.  If I can try something and it feels right, I'm down.

I thought I'd try the Charcoal Face Mask.  It sounded like something fun and I've never done it.  I asked Mathew if he'd like to try and he was so funny because we didn't know how to put it on and when it was done we laughed and grabbed the Nerf guns because it looked like we were going camoflauge!

Overall, we liked the way it felt after the 10 minutes.  We were tripping out at the what our skin tightened as it dried and we laughed thinking that is what our wrinkly skin would look like when we get old.  We could see all our pores as it dried but when we washed it off, it was nice and soft...maybe after a few months I will post an update!

The kids thought we looked so funny BTW..




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