Spring Break Yosemite Camping Trip

Last year we went camping at Yosemite for Spring Break.  We stayed for 4 days and it was just not enough time.  This year we planning it for a week and it still was not enough time!!

The boys had their spring break two weeks earlier than last year and we were wondering what the weather would be like.  The weather reports all said snow storms and rain so we were a little concerned making sure we had the correct gear to stay warm.  You should have seen our car it wwas packed full!!  By the time we picked up the water and food 2 hours to the park, we had everything in our laps.  It must have been a sight to see on the road.

When we arrived, it was snowy but not icy.  We wanted to get the tents set up quick before night fall and rain.  By the time our tents were set up, it had started to rain slightly.  Thank goodness we were all exhausted from the road trip that we crashed really early.  I remember waking up many times that night because it was raining and I could hear things sliding off the top of the tent.  When we woke up, I found out what it was.  It was snow! HAHAHA. it was probably the best thing to wake up to.  Everything was covered in snow and the boys were so stoked to have a snowball fight.  They even made a fort out of the branches on the ground.


We got to see so many different things on this trip.  We were so glad we were there before the crowds and before the weather warmed up.  It was cold and seemed quieter than it had been last time.  We had a super nice neighbor who was very helpful when we had issues getting the first started in the rain.

The snowshoeing experience was probably my favorite because I have been wanting to go snowshoe hiking for years..since I first heard of it at Mount Charleston when I moved to my parents and saw snow in the mountains HAHAHA.  Never growing up with winter and snow, I had no idea about winter activities.  I wanted to try the snowshoe guided hiking at Mount Charleston but that winter I had injured my feet running and had to wait out the next winter..by then I was working and commuting between states that I couldn't get to that..so it's been on my mind forever!! I was so happy to go it made me smile.  I am now obsessed and can't wait to get my own and go all the time.  The boys loved it too and all they did was make snowballs all day!




We explored a hike around Mirror Lake to Snow Creek and also walked from our site to Yosemite Falls..it was so beautiful.  We were a little disappointed that there wasn't much water at Mirror Lake.  We had hoped to catch what it was named for..Mirroring the mountains.  Snow Creek made up for it  with its peaceful rush of water.  We heard coyotes howling and saw them running in the woods.  It was insane to hear them so loud.  We had seen so many deer you could almost walk up to them.  I was in heaven!  We had hoped to see a bear or mountain lion but we didn't encounter one on this trip.

There were many people next to us who came and went but our favorite was Mic.  He was the there the last two days of our stay and he was so knowledgeable and kind.  He shared so many great stories about exploring and his son who is our age.  He gave us many tips that we will use next time we go camping.  It was really inspiring.


This trip has just reminded me that there is so much more to see.  I always say it but I know it in my heart that we need to keep going..Keep exploring.  Teaching the boys what is gifted to us because it may not always be here if people don't appreciate it.  By the end of the trip, I was so sad because it felt too short, yet again.  I could have easily stayed another week but maybe if we had come a week before we came because we were actually glad we were leaving.  It was getting so packed the last day we were there.  Everywhere was busy and crowded and were shocked at the insane line of cars that winded down the mountain to get into the park as we were driving out.  We had gone at a good time.

Thankful for the adventures life has already given me..and cannot wait for more to come...


Sabina said…
What a wonderful post and very beautiful pictures! That year, I was also in Yosemite National Park and I really like it :)

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