When Will the Days Stop Melding Into the Next?

This summer, we had so many plans.  By plans, I mean PLANS.  We had ideas of road tripping to Alaska and then staying for a few weeks out there bringing our work with us so we could explore.   We also had a backup plan that would be driving aimlessly across the country this summer for a few weeks because we didn't have to cram everything in on a weekend. We had so many plans to see many parks and waterfalls and we didn't get to do any of it.

Work has been hectic and busy..I've been pulling long hours working for my normal job and then working on Mat's projects which makes the work week over 115 hours a week.  I just realized that in the shower when I broke it down that with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week not including commute time and cleaning and kids stuff we were down to less than 3 hours of sleep a day if we got that many.  I'm so exhausted.  Literally EXHAUSTED.   My old 39 year old body is in pain because I suffer from chronic back and psoas pain on a daily.  On bad days I can barely walk without limping and hunched over...on good days, it's a dull pain that I've learned to live with.  Yoga and stretching helps but with our schedule I have not even found the time to wake up and do my morning stretch and postures because I'm just so exhausted.

YES, I am whining.. I wish I could just be positive but I know that this is my one place to let my thoughts out so I can be positive... I just need a few days of sleep..where I don't have to wake up or think about anything due.  Cannot wait for that time.  With everything piling up until Oct..it looks like that may not happen!  Keep reminding myself that everyone is busy..we all have so much going on and that this busy isn't any worse than someone elses busy.  But when anyone asks how come you are so tired...I wish I could even begin to explain..no one would understand! HAHAHAAHA

Can't wait til we get a little break in between so we can get back to the mountains and quick day trips out to nowhere =)


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