Healthy Plant Based Kids Snack + Back to Yoga and School!

I feel like things have been coming back full circle.  If anyone knows me, I have never liked meat.  I spent most of my life as a vegetarian and then went back to eating meat occasionally but everytime I ate poke or any meat, I would like the flavor but halfway through, I would feel the texture and make me sick to eat.  So even though I spent the last 15 years occasionally eating meat, I think I was never a meat eater.   Even as a kid, it was not a thing for me... but in 7th grade I decided to stop eating meat and remember the struggle because my mom literally told me she would not cook anything different for me.  But I did it.. for over 13 years.  Even when I started eating some again 15 years ago, I would freak out by the texture.  I kept saying I was going to go back to veggies but every so often I’d still eat a taste of chicken or burger but mostly stopped just not 100%.  

It has been nice to get back in the kitchen and remake things I have been making the last 10 years.  The boys never liked the healthy vegans snacks because they ate normal sugary sweets.  But now that they have gone about 4 months without eating bad foods, they love all my healthy snacks that the hated years ago!  It has been so much fun making them fun treats.  We do get a cheat day once a week where they get to eat things they don't get to during the week.  Rocket loves his butter mochi and ice cream.  Ziggy likes his pasta or burgers.  I made them spam musubis for the first time since they started this healthy eating and they were in heaven. 

I can't believe how amazing it's been to see them change, have more energy, and eat good!

This is the final week of summer school.  Had decided to enrolled in Japanese class at El Camino to see how it would be for Ziggy when he starts in the Fall.  Little did I know when I enrolled, that Mat would break his kneecap and be out of commission for months, work is slow but still have work to do, taking the kids out to burn energy for a few hours, try to get my work done, homework, cooking, cleaning, trying to figure out how to handle a teenager who we are still learning about NF1, possible ODD and ADHD and my own anxiety! I feel like there has been no room for anything!!  Some days I feel like I am losing my mind and want to hide in a shell and disappear. Hahaha

Can't wait for summer class to finish this week..finals video exam and written test and then as soon as it's over I start yoga training.  I am super stoked.  It has been in the cards for years.... I have practiced on and off over the last 9 years.  More OFF because of my back pains (that caused me to not workout for years), not feeling like I could replace my instructor back in Hawaii, and my shyness.  I remember considering it 8 years ago then again the last 4 years I thought about it back and forth but me being so shy and the training being so expensive I didn't want to do it.  But I decided now is the time.  I have to do things I am afraid to try!  I don't want to be a yoga is more to deepen my practice to learn more about anatomy. How it has helped someone like me in all my pain and struggles.  There was a point I could barely walk..barely hike a mile without crying in pain barely making it back to the car.  Learning from my body work guy about the muscle connections and how it affects all the other parts of my body and implementing yoga practice to ease some of the pains. I would love to keep learning and help others.

What have you been thinking about doing and have been afraid to try?  I thank all those who send me replies to posts in personal texts and emails.  I am grateful for you to share and happy to know sometimes my random posts resonate somewhere LOL


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